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An Archive of Our Own, commonly abbreviated AO3, is a popular fanfiction website known for the prevalence of slash and femslash fanfiction in its archives. It hosts over 1 million works tagged as m/m slash[1] and over 150,000 works tagged as femslash[2].

As of August 4, 2016, the 10 most popular ships tagged in the archive were all m/m slash[3]:

  1. Castiel/Dean Winchester
  2. Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
  3. Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
  4. Real Person Slash ship
  5. Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes
  6. Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
  7. Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
  8. Merlin/Arthur Pendragon
  9. Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
  10. Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel

Of these pairings, the only canon relationship is Blaine/Kurt. The top 100 most popular ships include 63 M/M pairings, 19 F/M, 7 F/F, 5 Gen, and 6 Other[4].


An unofficial survey of the Archive's users found that about 90% identified as female, about 7% as genderqueer, about 4% as male, and about 2% each as transgender, agender, or androgynous[5], with smaller percentages identifying as other genders. The same survey found that 38% identified as heterosexual, nearly 7% as homosexual, about 30% as bisexual, about 15% as pansexual, about 11% as asexual, and a smaller percentage as several other options[6]. (Selecting multiple options was allowed for both questions.) This suggests the Archive's user base has a significantly higher percentage of LGBT people than the general population.



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