Check, Please!

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Title Check, Please!
Creator(s) Ngozi Ukazu
Published 2013
Link Website

Check, Please! is a webcomic by Ngozi Ukazu, originally launched August 8, 2013. It is set at the fictional Samwell University and focuses on members of the hockey team.

LGBT Representation

May contain spoilers

The narrator and main character if Check, Please!, Eric Bittle, known as Bitty to his teammates and fans of the comic, is gay.

Bitty develops a crush on the stern captain of the hockey team, Jack Zimmerman, and it's eventually revealed that Jack reciprocates his feelings. The two start a secret relationship, as Jack is graduating and afraid that being openly gay will hurt his professional hockey career.

Jack had a sexual relationship with NHL star Kent Parson in the past.


Check, Please! has developed an enthusiastic fandom, with most fanworks focusing on the relationship between Bitty and Jack.

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