Dawson's Creek

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Title Dawson's Creek
Network The WB
Premiere January 20, 1998
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Dawson's Creek was a teen drama about a group of friends in a small coastal town that aired on The WB between 1998 and 2003.

LGBT Representation

May contain spoilers

Series regular Jack McPhee (Kerr Smith) was originally a love interest for Joey Potter, but after rumors of his sexuality begin to circulate the school, he comes out as gay in season 2.

The first kiss between gay men on American network television appeared in Dawson's Creek episode 3x23 "True Love", which aired on May 24, 2000, between Jack and Ethan Brody (Adam Kaufman). However, it was interrupted when Ethan introduced his boyfriend, Brad.

Afterwards, Jack goes home and confronts his father in an emotional scene that was modeled after the experience of series writer Greg Berlanti as a gay teenager[1].

Jack later starts dating Pacey's brother, Doug Witter (Dylan Neal), who was in the closet for much of the show but finally comes to terms with his relationship with Jack in the series finale.


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