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Title Elementary
Network CBS
Premiere September 27, 2012
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Elementary is a tv series based on the character of Sherlock Homes, but set in modern New York City.

LGBT Representation

May contain spoilers

Elementary was widely praised by the LGBT community for its low-key portrayal of Ms. Hudson as a transgender woman. The role is played by transgender actress Candis Cayne. Unfortunately, she has only appeared in three of more than 90 episodes so far.

Sherlock's friend Alistair Moore is revealed to have left his wife for another man.

The show has also had a number of one-off LGBT characters.

It also offers several examples of canon genderswap, including John Watson, who becomes Joan Watson, an Asian-American woman, and Moriarty.

LGBT Cast and Crew

Candis Cayne, who plays trans woman Mrs. Hudson, is transgender herself.

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