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Title Kings
Network NBC
Premiere 2009
Purchase Available on Amazon

Kings was a 2009 television series that aired on NBC and starred Ian McShane, Christopher Egan, and Sebastian Stan. It was a retelling of the Biblical story of King David set in an alternate universe version of the modern United States ruled by a king, with Egan as David Shepherd, King Silas Benjamin (McShane) representing King Saul, and Jack Benjamin (Stan) as Jonathan. The series was cancelled after just 13 episodes.

LGBT Representation

May contain spoilers

The character of Jack Benjamin is gay and in a relationship with another man (Joseph Lasile, played by Michael Arden). However, in early reviews of the show (based on the first four episodes), some LGBT fans criticized it for appearing to set up Jack as a stereotypical villain, as well as "de-gaying" his relationship with David[1]. (The Biblical David and Jonathan are believed by some scholars to have been involved in a homosexual relationship.)


Kings developed a small but enduring fandom over the course of its short run. The majority of fanfiction and other fanworks for the show focus on Jack Benjamin, with the most popular pairings being Jack Benjamin/David Shepherd and Jack Benjamin/Joseph Lasile.

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