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The LGBT Fiction Guide is dedicated to cataloging and promoting LGBT representation in books, films, television, and other media as a reference for LGBT people, parents, educators, librarians, and allies.

At this point, the site is still very new and very incomplete; however, we are adding content as fast as we can.

Site News

March 5, 2017 - Added a Tag Cloud

January 7, 2017 - The LGBT Fiction Guide now allows commenting on selected pages! We've added Disqus comments to the site to allow you to share your thoughts about your favorite LGBT books, movies, tv shows, and more.

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Identity Policy

Living Persons Policy

The LGBT Fiction Guide strives to maintain the highest standards of accuracy and ethics when identifying non-fictional living persons as LGBT or related identities. We will not knowingly out any non-fictional living individual as LGBT without their consent, or misidentify/misgender any LGBT individual by an identity or gender other than their preferred term. If you notice any cases of accidental misidentification or outing in this guide, please contact us at admin[at]lgbtfiction[dot]com and the mistake will be remedied as quickly as possible.

In addition, to avoid inadvertent confusion about the sexuality or private lives of living persons, the LGBT Fiction Guide will not discuss Real Person Fiction about living persons.

Historical and Fictional Persons Policy

We strive to maintain the same standards of accuracy when identifying historical and fictional individuals as LGBT as we do when identifying living persons. However, we acknowledge that the identity of historical and fictional persons can sometimes be a matter of some controversy and will strive to provide a balanced and sensitive explanation of any controversies to the greatest extent possible.

It is also impossible for us to personally read or watch every book, film, or television show listed in this guide, and therefore cases of misidentification may sometimes slip through. Please contact us at admin[at]lgbtfiction[dot]com to notify us of any mistakes. If possible, please provide supporting quotes demonstrating the character or individual's preferred identity.

Spoiler Policy

This guide contains general plot information and information about LGBT characters, relationships, and storylines. In some cases, identifying which characters or relationships are LGBT can constitute a spoiler. This guide also discusses both positive and negative tropes and stereotypes as they relate to LGBT characters and plotlines, which can also include spoilery information. Sections of the guide that contain plot information that goes beyond what is provided by the publisher or studio will be marked with a spoiler notice:

May contain spoilers

Trigger Policy

The LGBT Fiction Guide discusses LGBT storylines in fiction, including examples of common tropes such as Bury Your Gays that can include potentially triggering content. Sections containing references to common trigger topics will be marked with a trigger warning:

May contain triggers

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