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This page is about the upcoming Star Trek show expected to premiere on CBS in May 2017.

Little is known about the show at this point. However, original showrunner Bryan Fuller confirmed that it will have a full 13 episode arc rather than focusing on episodic storytelling like some earlier Star Trek television series[1], that it will have a female lead character, and that it will "absolutely" have a gay character[2].

LGBT Cast and Crew

The original showrunner for the series, Bryan Fuller, is openly gay and has a history of including prominent LGBT characters in his shows, so many LGBT fans are hopeful that Star Trek: Discovery will include one or more important LGBT characters. When asked about early casting news, Fuller stated "There's a few people that we like and we want to carry on what Star Trek does best, which is being progressive. So it's fascinating to look at all of these roles through a colorblind prism and a gender-blind prism, so that's exciting."[3] However, Fuller stepped down as showrunner due to other commitments during pre-production, and was replaced by Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts.



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