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Steve Rogers/Tony Stark is a popular non-canon slash ship from the Marvel fandom. Also known as Stony, Super Husbands, or Ironshield, the pairing was the most popular Marvel ship on the fanfiction archive An Archive of Our Own for several years before being passed by fellow non-canon slash ship Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes for the position in June 2015. As of May 2016, the archive hosted over 15,000 works tagged with the pairing and it remained the second most popular Marvel ship.

Films vs Comics

While Steve and Tony have had a largely antagonistic relationship in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the two men share a close friendship in Marvel Comics and many fanworks for the ship are based on or influenced heavily by their depictions in the comics. In response to a question about the popularity of Steve/Tony in the MCU fandom, popular Stony writer copperbadge noted the long history of friendship between the two men in the comics and added:

None of this is to say that Steve/Tony is the best, the "correct", or the only ship possible in either comics or MCU. In MCU, a lot of other ships make a lot more sense, including Tony/Rhodey and Tony/Pepper. But questioning why Tony/Steve is a major ship in MCU Avengers fandom has a pretty easy answer: they have a fifty year history together that influenced the way comics fans read the film, and more importantly the way established comics-based writers wrote the fanfic new fans of MCU found when they went looking. Which in turn influenced the wider setting in which these characters exist for fandom.[1]

A smaller amount of fanworks are based on Earth-3490, an alternate universe where Tony Stark was born a woman named Natasha Stark (no relation to Natasha Romanoff) and she and Steve get married.


Steve/Tony has a large and active fandom. Many MCU-based fanworks focus on "fixing" the often antagonistic relationship between Steve and Tony in film canon, by making both men come to realize that they have misjudged the other and moving from dislike to respect, admiration, and love. Another common focus of Stony fics revolves around both men coming to terms with their relationships with Tony's father Howard Stark, who helped turn Steve into Captain America (and may have been in love with him), but who is widely considered to have been a terrible parent.

Due to the popularity of other slash and het ships for both men, it is not unusual for Steve/Tony fanworks to involve open or polyamorous relationships such as Steve/Tony/Bucky, Steve/Tony/Bruce (commonly known as "Stark Spangled Banner"), or Steve/Tony/Pepper. There is also a sub-genre of Steve/Tony fanworks called "Superfamily" in which Steve and Tony mentor or even raise Peter Parker (Spider-man).

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