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Title Transparent
Network Amazon Studios
Premiere September 26, 2014
Purchase Available on Amazon

Transparent is a Golden Globe and Emmy award winning comedy about a Los Angeles family dealing with the revelation that the person they have known as their father is a transgender woman. It was the first show produced by Amazon Studios to win a major award and the first show produced by a streaming media service to win a Golden Globe for Best Series.

LGBT Representation

In addition to lead Maura Pfefferman (born Morton Pfefferman), played by Jeffrey Tambor, a retired college professor who reveals late in life that she has always identified as a woman, the show's main roles include Amy Landecker as Sarah Pfefferman, Maura's oldest daughter, who leaves her husband for another woman, and transgender actress Alexandra Billings as Maura's friend, Davina.

In an article published September 13, 2016, Out Magazine described Transparent as "the most trans-inclusive show in Hollywood history"[1]. However, it has also received criticism for its portrayal of transgender male characters[2], as well as its portrayal of certain transgender issues.

LGBT Cast and Crew

As of season 3, Transparent has employed more than 50 transgender or gender non-conforming cast and crew members, as well as hundreds of extras. However, it has been criticized for casting Jeffrey Tambor, a cisgender man, in the lead role of Maura Pfefferman, a transgender woman.

The most prominent transgender cast members include Alexandra Billings as Davina, Trace Lysette as Shea, and Ian Harvie as Dale, as well as 12 year old Sophia Grace Gianna, who plays Maura in flashbacks.



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